5 Unique Bouquets for Graduation Everyone Wants to Receive

Old Chang Kee Bouquet

The cap, the gown, the robe, the crown…

The day that ambitious students and anxious parents have looked forward to is finally around the corner! Every year in August, university graduands in Singapore moves away from a major chapter of their lives, and as parents heave a big sigh of relief. Graduation day is important because it is a rite of passage to so many people.

Confetti flower bouquet by Petalfoo on graduation day

Graduation ceremonies are dignified and emotion-filled occasions held to celebrate students who have studied hard and successfully met the academic requirements for graduation. Beyond that, and with deeper reflection, graduation day marks the beginning of a new chapter in life. Like many major life events, flowers have been the most common option when it comes to graduation gifts. While most will still be happy to receive a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers, consider these 4 unique bouquet gifts that are bound to set wide grins and big hugs from your graduating friend and family member!

#1: Be Always Able To Put Food On The Table

Edible bouquet by Petalfoo and old chang kee or with snacks and tidbits

Isn’t this just one of the most practical blessings (and gift) you can give to a graduate? After all the clapping and cheering, anyone could use some food and snacks. Waiting to eat only after the selfie and wefie session is over would be torturous! Apart from being an all-gender-appropriate choice, gifting an edible bouquet will definitely be one of the most thoughtful, different, and selfie-worthy gift your graduate and guests would be so thankful for.

Fully customizable, suggest to our staff at Petalfoo to include the favourite foods that your graduate enjoys. A truly auspicious, heart and tummy-warming graduation gift!

#2: To Always Bring Along The Good Memories & Make Even More Unforgettable Ones

Photo Memento Bouquet by Petalfoo - Bouquets for Graduation Day

Many important and precious friendships are formed during those three-or-more years of tertiary education. While graduands have always been looking forward to the day they would graduate and get out of school, this is also the day where tears are shed over bittersweet memories of life on campus.

If you’re considering gifts for fellow graduates, a bouquet of flowers together with past photos taken would make such a lovely and sentimental graduation gift and personal memento. Popular flowers that are used for these bouquets for graduation at Petalfoo are:

  1. Baby Breath

    Innocence, purity and freedom from outside influences or corruption

  2. Yellow and Orange Roses

    A reminder of the joy you both share when spending time together

  3. Any Blue Flowers

    Signifies a true blue friend that will always be there for one another

#3: To Tide Through the Temporary Unemployed Life

Surprise Money Shooting Flower Bouquet by Petalfoo Singapore

Not all of us are so fortunate to have been hand-picked by one of Forbes 500 companies to work for them as an intern, right out of school. In Singapore, the unemployment rate has risen for the second time this year. Finding a job may not be easy. Finding a job that is relevant and pays reasonably is tougher. Even more true is that graduates will need the moolahs to tide them through this period while they seek a suitable job position, and this temporary hiatus could be a matter of three months or more.

Yet another practical gift, our Surprise Money Dispensing Bouquet could well be the best bouquet gift for your graduate! Of course, the amount of dollars you want to have showered on your graduate is as customizable as the flowers are for the bouquet.  By gifting them some cash, you’d also be gifting them an eased transition from “childhood to real-world-hood”, instead of having to jump at any chance of a future-stalling, part-time job.

#4: Remember to Find Beauty in The Small Things

Custom made care bouquet by Petalfoo Singapore

There’s always a bouquet gift for every occasion, just as there are always suitable flowers to send for any reason. People just receiving a bouquet of ‘something’! These days, creativity and expectations of gift senders, as well as recipients, has reached mind-stretching levels and Petalfoo has embraced and flourished in these areas. There are many types of bouquet gifts that we have created and made for our customers and one of the most popular ones are the products and care bouquets that contain items ranging from stationery and books to lipstick and tiger balm pots!

Life quotes

Image: Silvia Pencak

Post-stress skincare bouquets with facial masks, aromatic body scrubs and lotions, have been a favourite amongst many female and male graduates. Pamper your graduate with a care bouquet while at the same time reminding them to never get so busy making a living that they forget to notice all the nice little things around, and to make a life.

Fully customisable, let your creativity inspire the best care bouquet gift for your graduating friend or family member!

#5: For a Popping-Good Turning Point in Life (Top-seller and favourite of Petalfoo customers!)

Confetti Flower Bouquet for Graduation

We’ve kept the best for last and here is Petalfoo’s best-selling and favourite bouquet gift — The Confetti Bouquet! There’s no celebration without noise, glitter and a colourful mess! Bright colours represent opportunity and optimism, while glitters symbolizes joy and hope in the darkest times. Our confetti flower bouquet has brought oohs and aahs to many celebratory events and any graduate would love the same to be present at one of their most joyful and personal occasions.

A picture tells a thousand words. With this GIF (graphic interchange format — the moving image that you’re seeing above), no other words are required for assurance that every graduate would love to receive a confetti bouquet on graduation day! These delight-popping bouquets are bound to bring cheers and smiles (and maybe some happy tears) to the graduate and guests. Oh, and remember: take videos of the moment when they pop the confetti bouquet. Not photos!

With these unique graduation bouquets ideas, traditions of ‘receiving flowers’ and assurance that your graduate will feel the most special on his or her well-deserved graduation day, will be fulfilled.

Contact us to discuss further on what you and Petalfoo can co-create to make this jubilant occasion a significant and memorable one!

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