Dummy guy’s guide: Should I buy flowers for her?

If she’s your better half (or sometimes mother), then the TL;DR answer to this is YES, YOU DUMMY, why are you even considering?

But the fact that you’re even asking means that you’re not very convinced that flowers can be practical (in a way, seriously). You might be thinking that they’ll die anyway, and the furthest you’d go is to give a bunch of plastic flowers (no, wait, don’t even try!).

You shouldn’t even need reasons to be giving flowers, but in case you do, here’s why.

1. Just because

Yes, that’s a reason. Ask any woman and that’s the likely response you’re going to get. We dare you to fight them on this.

Surprising her randomly with flowers makes her feel really special. Apart from buying flowers to commemorate a special occasion, get her some flowers for no good reason on a mundane day. Love should be an everyday thing anyway. Mix it up to catch her unaware. Bring a bouquet to brunch, get it sent to her office or just leave a stalk of rose with a tiny note and a plate of breakfast on your way out to work. The key here is to keep it special, so make sure you don’t overdo it. It’ll be more magical when she least expects it.

Besides, you don’t really need a reason to be telling her that you love her, right?

2. It makes her happy

Of course, we know that you’re not going to buy the first reason, so here’s some science to back it up.

A team of researchers conducted a few studies on the impact of flowers on people.

One of the studies set out to find out if receiving flowers, a fruit basket or a three-wicked candle had an impact on immediate and long-term emotional behaviour on women. After the flowers are presented, the researchers recorded reliable indicators of positive emotions (also known as the Duchenne smile). A shocking 100% of the bouquet recipients flashed the Duchenne smile, as opposed to 90% of the fruits recipients and 77% of the candles recipients.

So if you’re not even considering flowers, you’re giving up on a very important cheat code to the game of life.

3. It makes YOU happy

Maybe you need some convincing that you stand to gain from this investment too.

90 male college students were tasked to deliver an impromptu speech on a variety of topics, with a student evaluator flashing three different types of smiles. The researchers measured cortisol (a hormone that increases in concentration in response to stress) levels and heart rate.

The students who saw the friendly smiles had lower levels of cortisol and heart rate, reflecting a more relaxed state, while the students who saw the dominant smile experienced the opposite effect.

So giving flowers after a stressful day not only cheers your girl up, it also relaxes you when you see her genuine, Duchenne smile.

4. It reduces your headaches

Not in the way that paracetamol does, of course.

It can be a real headache to buy gifts for anyone’s birthday, or any other occasions, such as when you’ve made a mistake. But for your girl, just for your girl (DON’T GO BUYING FLOWERS FOR OTHER WOMEN EXCEPT FOR YOUR WIFE AND MOTHER, DUMMY), you have a cheat code that we’ve shown in point 2 that’s gonna make her squeal. No more agonising about what to get her to cheer her up, even on a regular day. No more atoning for your sins with a digital pedometer, a high-end weighing scale or a diet book (are you saying she’s fat?!).

Another way it reduces your headaches is when you mess up. Of course, it takes more than buying flowers to make up for things, but it’s a good start. Just make sure that a bouquet isn’t the entire apology, lest the flowers trivialise the whole reason she’s pissed in the first place.

5. It makes you look good

Giving flowers double up as a way to give your ego an occasional massage too. She’s going to love you for it. She’s going to tell her friends. Her colleagues are going to find out. And guess what they are going to say about you? Sensitive, caring, confident guy that’s in control. Boom, a rise in your market value. Girls will kill for a guy like you.

But if this is the only reason why you’re giving flowers, then maybe you should remain single for life.

Now go get some flowers

So there you have it. You’re better off learning how to give flowers. It’s going to be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re not sure what flowers to give or you are looking for online flower delivery in Singapore, give us a holler and we’ll hook you up!

Featured image by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Photosby Autumn Goodman on Unsplash, Dương Trí on Unsplash

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