7 Creative Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mum Will Love

featured image - 7 Creative Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mum Will Love

Mother’s day is just around the corner – and rather than dropping a sweet WhatsApp message or gifting a general skincare set – we have curated a list of unique Mother’s Day gifts that the number 1 woman in your life is sure to love!

After all, this day is dedicated to celebrating the woman who has done everything to give you the best – so picking out something both practical yet meaningful is the least you can do to show your appreciation – even amid a pandemic.

Before Mother’s day rolls around on Sunday, May 10 2020 – be sure to grab some of these gifts to get them in time to surprise your beloved mother!

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser as a creative mother's day gift

Just like how you are able to count on your mother for anything – a reliable diffuser is a foolproof gift that can come in handy during this isolation period.

A practical gift that is great value-for-money – the Muji Style Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from Goodmart helps to moisturize and refresh the air in any space and comes with an LED light that she can also use as a bed light.

Pair it with a bunch of essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood that you can also get on the site – depending on their properties, this gift will either perk up her mornings or help her sleep better at night!

Customers love the fast and prompt delivery, as well as its functionality that fits perfectly in small rooms and offices.

2. Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase as a creative mother's day

If there is anyone who deserves a good sleep – it’s mom.

Help her recharge and clock in some precious beauty sleep with the luxurious Silk+ pillowcase from Wonderbed – reviews suggest that she is likely to end up sleeping in a little more and wake up in a wonderful mood!

The Silk+ pillowcase also comes in embroidered options for sending a sweet, personal message – made out of 100% pure mulberry silk, it is durable, easy to wash, and eco-friendly – what more can we say?

3. A Coffee Subscription Service

coffee subscription service as a creative mother's day gift

Mothers are always busy doing something, and if she can’t miss a morning without her favourite cup of joe – jumpstart her mornings with fresh, affordable, and exclusive coffee blends from Hook Coffee!

A coffee subscription service that allows you to customize your coffee the way you like it – mom will be pleasantly surprised to receive some freshly roasted beans in the mail.

You can also purchase gift sets and hook bags with names such as Specu-lose your mind, Cherry Bomb, and Give Me S’mores – their wide array of unique and tantalizing flavours smells and tastes just as good as it looks!

4. Personalized Jewellery

personalized jewellery as a creative mother's day gift a

For the chic mom who loves her accessories – you won’t go wrong with local brand Soami and their fine collection of simple yet elegant jewellery.

Containing 18k gold, the Heart To Forget Necklace is a gorgeous heart-locket style necklace that allows you to engrave her name or deliver a loving message – each high-quality, artisanal jewellery is created from a place of mindfulness and thoughtful gestures that are designed to pass on to its wearer; and will serve as a daily reminder as to why you love mom so.

5. An Indoor Garden

an indoor garden as a creative mother's day gift

With all the chaos that is happening around the world – we could all use a little more green in our home to brighten up the atmosphere and add a sense of calmness.

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 is a super low-maintenance, automated indoor garden that comes with a self-watering system and everything mom will need to grow her own plants and herbs indoors in no time.

With over 350,000 kits sold worldwide, you can buy these charming gardens from Mayer and start growing lavender, mini tomato, oregano, parsley, and even peppermint – enough to keep the mom who has a green thumb occupied for a while.

6. Health Supplements

health supplements as a creative mother's day gift

There is no better gift than the gift of health – especially during the recent pandemic that has put the well-being of our loved ones at the forefront.

Kinohimitsu has a wide variety of health, beauty, detox, and superfood supplements to pamper mom with, and a crowd-favourite is their Collagen Diamond 5300 drink – made with the highest grade of collagen peptides from Japan, it is designed to boost collagen levels and keep mom looking young and beautiful for years to come!

Let’s not forgo the fact that it is also 100% natural and has a sweet lychee taste – which makes all the added perks of tighter and more hydrated skin sound even better.

You can also indulge mom with their nourishing Bird’s Nest with Collagen drink – containing 100% genuine deluxe quality bird’s nest, nutritious seaweed, and beautifying marine collagen that tastes just as good as its benefits!

7. Fitness Gear

fitness gear as a creative mother's day gift

Even during quarantine, it’s still possible for mom to achieve her health and fitness goals with the help of some savvy tech gear.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is the perfect blend between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker – offering one of the most advanced fit-tech in the market yet.

This versatile wearable has all the essentials such as a heart-rate and sleep tracker, a sleek AMOLED screen that allows her to get access to call and text notifications, play her favourite songs on Spotify, and conduct on-screen workouts wherever she is.

The long battery life, affordability, and classy design is the best part – compatible with all Apple iOS and Android devices, this gift is just as powerful as mom is!

Express your love

Whichever gift you end up choosing – always remember to put your very own spin to it and match it to your mom’s one-of-a-kind personality!

Even if you decide to get her Mother’s Day flowers – pick out something far more special and memorable from the array of creative floral arrangements that we offer at Petalfoo!

Each box comes with aromatic essential oils from Vizu and an assortment of lovely dried flowers that are personalized according to your preferred choice of colour palette and fragrance. We have also added a step-by-step guide and greeting card to perfectly tying everything together.

Our unique You Qian Hua 有钱花 (yǒu qián huā) bouquets are also available – translating to “flowers with money”, give mom a reason to pamper and treat herself by funding her shopping spree instead!

Our aim is to bring high quality and exquisite floral arrangements to our customers that constantly push our creative limits. If you wish to create an original and unique gift for mom this year, including bouquets that are made up of fairy lights, snacks, and dried and preserved flowerscontact us today to customize your request!


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