5 Types of Teachers Whom Are The Most Memorable

Types of teachers

With Teacher’s Day just around the corner, other than thinking of what Teacher’s Day gift would be ideal for a particular favourite teacher, it’s also a time where we’d start to think about how various teachers have made an impact on our lives.

While there are some whom you love to bits and will remember even 20-30 years down the road, there are also those who often go unappreciated simply because you both cannot click.

Yet, we cannot deny that deep down, every teacher has the best interest for each and every one of his/her students, and every thing (okay maybe most) that they do is truly “for (our) own good”.

Below are 5 types of teachers you’ve probably encountered, and the life lessons we can take away from each of them.

Type #1: The NIE-Freshie

New Teacher
Every year, newbie teachers receive their placements to various schools across Singapore – these teachers are the ones who either make it or break it, with the students. I mean, it is never easy adapting to a new work environment, what’s more adapting to a class of 40 they have never met.

You either like them because they are cool, relatable, fun, and know how to strike that right balance between being a friend and a mentor, or you don’t because they are boring, too structured, unexciting, and all the other antonyms of interesting.

Yet, it is important to recognize that these teachers are only at the beginning of a new journey they have decided to embark on – the decision to be dedicated and play such vital roles in the lives of the students in their classrooms – and that ain’t no easy task.

Life Lesson: Don’t be too quick to judge. Always be kind and forgiving.

Type #2: The Sleep-Inducer

Sleep Inducing Teacher - 10 types of teachers
Lessons can be incredibly boring at times. In fact, most of the times. Monotonous teachers, read-from-the-textbook teachers, boring teachers, serious teachers – the list that makes up this category of teachers goes on.

While it is easy to have your attention turned away from these unengaging teachers, at the end of the day, you are the one losing out if you do.

Life Lesson: You snooze, you lose.

Type #3: The Silencer

The Silencer - 5 types of teachers

There are teachers who are pushovers and often get taken advantage of, there are also the ones you absolutely do not want to mess with – The Silencers. These teachers seem to have magical powers that command the highest level of discipline without having to lift a finger, or even say a word. As long as they are in sight, noise and havoc turns to stillness, fringe pushed backwards, uniforms tucked in, skirts immediately lowered by 5 inches.

If you think that rebellion and disobedience is cool, you need to think again.

Life Lesson: Not all rules are meant to be broken.

Type #4: The Strict One

The Strict Teacher - 5 types of teachers

Do not ever attempt anything stupid under their nose, unless you are in for a earful. Often loud and overly frank, these teachers speak their mind a little too much at times. They’d be quick to call you out for your silly mistakes, express their displeasure for your poor attitude, and sometimes even send that whiteboard marker across the classroom, right in your face.

While it might seem like these teachers are never satisfied with your performance, they ultimately only want the best for you. Tough love, that’s what it is – to push you beyond your limits, for you to attain new heights you never thought would be possible to scale.

Life Lesson: Always push yourself.

Type #5: The Under-Appreciated

Over worked Teacher - 10 types of teachers

Let’s admit it, this makes up the entire population of teachers. With a 12-hour work day having to create lesson plans, select appropriate resources and assessments to enhance their teaching, go through piles of assignments, manage students and demanding parents, oversee extracurricular activities and so on – their to-do list is endless.

Their unwavering commitment and dedication is truly commendable, yet, it often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

This Teacher’s Day, return the favour and make a difference in the lives of these inspiring teachers.

A little goes a long way – a simple act of expressing your appreciation, greeting them along the corridors, or even giving them your fullest attention when they are teaching – your teachers, regardless of which category they fall under, would surely appreciate that little gesture of yours.

If you’re looking to do a little more, gather a few friends and have a little gift prepared for them!

With Petalfoo’s Teacher’s Day collection, there are so many ways you can pamper your favourite teacher!

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