Care for preserved and dried flowers

What is preserved and dried flowers?

Preserved flowers and dried flowers are real flowers that are create to last way longer than fresh flowers.
Although bouquets made with preserved and dried flowers can be more expensive than fresh flowers, the value of these bouquets is offset with the longevity of it, where it is able to retain its looks for at least a year, unlike fresh flowers that will wilt and rot within a week

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers are real flowers that are chemically treated in a high tech process to maintain the fresh look of flowers, allowing them to be kept for at least 2 years in the right condition

Moisture was removed through dehydration, and rehydrated with eco-friendly chemicals that keep the flowers plump, and still retain its texture as if its fresh

With its technology, preserved flowers can be coloured beyond its natural colors, allowing a wide variety of color that is interesting and fun

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are real flowers that had gone through a dehydration process, removing all moisture from the flower

Some common methods of drying flowers are;  placed In a dehumidifier, pressed, air-drying, or by high heat

In the right conditions, dried flowers can last at least 1 year.

Some dried flowers can be colored by airbrushing to achieve special colors like gold and silver

Care instructions for preserved and dried flowers


Keep it Dry

Do not water the flowers!
if possible, keep it in an area that is low-humidity, like an air-con room or away from water sources, as it will caused the preserved and dried flowers to mold or even rot


Keep it away from direct sunlight

Contrary to common sense, preserved and dried flowers does not require sunlight.
Sunlight will discolor the flowers, making it look faded, or even caused it to be too dried and fragile


Clean with airdryer or soft brush

As dust settled over time on the flowers, simply blow the dust off with a hairdryer on a low speed and temperature from a moderate distance that does not damage the flowers.
You can also use a soft brush, and delicately brush the flowers

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