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We are one of the most dedicated creative florists in Singapore.

Flowers not only speak the language of love. It also delves deep into the expression of friendship, affirmation and condolence.

At Petalfoo, gifting of flowers is so much more than just flowers.

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From the little details on boutonnieres, corsages and bridal bouquets, to conceptualizing and bringing your dream wedding venue to life, let our team hand-hold you through the entire process! Simply share your (craziest) ideas with us, and let us do the rest.

Flower Bar

Flower Bars for Events

Flowers beautify a space effortlessly. Having flowers at your event not only makes it look good, but also smell good. And that’s not all! Flower bars allow you to enjoy a flower-filled event without burning a huge hole in your pocket(s). Your guests will also be kept entertained picking and curating their very own bouquets that make great door gifts for them to take home and fondly remember you, and your event.

Unique Flower Bouquets

With the wide range of bouquet options we provide, you’d surely be spoilt for choice. Choose from any of our previous works or customize your very own by sharing your preferred choice of flowers or colours. (P.s. We find it extremely sweet when a guy knows just what he wants for his significant other!)

Flower Stands

Our flower stands are designed to stand out! Using easels in place of traditional corrugated boxes, our stands undeniably has a fresher and modish look, one that has been well received by many of our customers and their recipients. These stands come with A2 size message boards, for you to express your warmest congratulations or deepest condolences.

Creative Mix

Have been sending flowers year after year, and this time you want to do something a little different? Look no further, our team is committed to helping you spring that perfect surprise for your other half with our unique and creative arrangements. Whether you want to awww them with your lovely photos in polaroids, wow them with all their favourite snacks, or to pamper them with a money bouquet for a good shopping spree - we’ve got your back!

Confetti Flower Bouquet by Petalfoo


Celebrate milestones like no other with our confetti bouquets. One of our proudest creations to date, our confetti bouquets come with a huge party popper that releases confetti into the air with a simple press of a button - the perfect way to enhance your celebrations with a blast on occasions like graduations, birthdays, or even weddings!

For Him

Who says only ladies can receive flowers? Find the way to your man’s heart with our men’s tie bouquet! Each bouquet is customisable with your preferred tie design, which can then be easily removed and worn. If ties are not for your man, feel free to share what is/are, and we’ll be happy to work our magic and incorporate them into our bouquets just for you.

Dried/Preserved Flowers

Everlasting preserved roses and dried flowers – perfect for those who aren’t good with goodbyes (to withered blooms), because they last for more than a year (with proper care). These beautiful blooms come in a wide variety of colours that you can pick and choose from to customise your perfect mix for your loved ones. Add on polaroids/fairy lights if you'd like!

Edible Food Bouquets

The way to a man’s AND woman’s heart is most definitely through their tummies. There’s simply nothing like receiving a bouquet of KFC, old chang kee skewers or mcdonald’s nuggets - ideal for the practical, but more importantly, perpetually hungry lover of yours. Customise these bouquets with some healthier add-ons like cherry tomatoes or celery sticks for a guilt-free consumption!

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